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Aatara "Tarascope" Johnson

Hey! I am Aatara Johnson, and I have the scope — the Tarascope! My podcast is a place where relationship advice gets a personable touch. I’m not coming as an expert. I’m a friend having open, honest dialogue about what you will most likely experience while dating in this generation. With each episode, you’ll hear my friends and me share our blunt opinions on everything from first-date fails and serial dating to dating someone with kids. And, I share my own personal stories of love and love loss, too.


When I graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2016, I honestly didn’t know what direction to go in life. All I knew is that I loved fashion, giggles and fun! Well, while on a search for direction, somehow I ended up binge listening to relationship podcasts. Although I enjoyed all the commentary from each of them, I noticed they didn’t really include a real millennial perspective. Then, it hit me. I would start my own podcast!


I wanted my platform to be engaging and interactive and focus on answering real questions that I — a 26-year-old, single, young professional — have. I am all about supporting the strong independent millennial as he or she figures out this adulting thing and how to fit a boo into the mix. And, that’s just what I’ve grown a passion to do with Tarascope. I want you to know when it comes to love, you have lots to look forward to — despite all the messy dating habits that are out there.


This relationship podcast is for the 20 and 30-something trying to make it in a world where we’re expected to “be” a certain way. It’s for spirited young men and women who want something better than the examples they’ve seen around them. My audience wants love, but not just to show off on social media. And, they refuse to sacrifice their authentic selves in order to get it.


Tarascope is a place where relationship advice gets real. I know it's hard out here. Today's dating scene is a mix of frail fish, tinder rejects and the good gone bad. But, #relationship goals are real... I think. I mean, there has to be something to look forward to right? So, let's spill the tea on how to get and keep love. It's time to give you the scope!

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