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Lights, Camera... Affection

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Meet Terrence Davis on S1E20: Lights, Camera... Affection


Hello! I am Terrence Davis. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska. Yes, there are black people that live there. I attended the 1st and 3rd grade there. Frequently, I make a trip to Anchorage, Alaska for the summer. Growing up in Anchorage

I did a lot of sledding with my friends during the winter months. When summer came around, my family and I would go camping and explore other parts of Alaska. I enjoy fishing the most. Very peaceful.

I started my acting career in 2014. A friend of mine heard about casting on the radio and suggested I go to the open call, so I did. Which actually turned out to be a showcase, but I still did the audition. I got the call back to have a meeting in Buford, GA. But, little did I know I would have to pay. Long story short, I did the monologue showcase and was able to get signed by a manager.

In May of 2016, I got my first agent. Within two weeks, I booked my first TV gig, Homicide Hunter. Later that year, I got another opportunity to be on Your Worst Nightmare. In between working on my craft, I've been doing a lot of Indy films. Projects to look out for, The Walk Back Home and Exception To The Rule. 

Instagram: @terrencedavis22

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