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Masters of Masculinity

Meet the Host of Words With KB Podcast on S2E12: Masters of Masculinity


Words with KB is a podcast and web show that takes a glimpse into the mind of the modern black male. Join us weekly as the crew dives into thought provoking, taboo conversations where no topic is off limits. From diverse perspectives, interactive atmosphere, weekly shots, and hilarious commentary, there's always something to look forward to. What will we talk about next?

Who is KB - Not to be fooled by his Southern roots, podcast and web show host, KB, is a self-proclaimed modern black male, representing the cultural viewpoints of progressive black men. A product of deep south Georgia, KB currently resides in fast-paced Atlanta where he lives an adventurous and regret-free life. His goal is to navigate listeners and viewers into understanding and relating to black men from a liberal and unconventional viewpoint. Tune in to the hit series, “Words with KB” for your dose of no-holds barred enlightenment and entertainment.

Who is Ba7ic Logic - An avid sports fan, with an affinity for the Lakers sports team, Ba7ic Logic embodies the traditional black male as he dominates the Sports section on the live shows and offers a conventional perspective during the “Words with KB” podcast and web show. Born in California and raised in Georgia, Ba7ic Logic brings a bi-coastal flair to the production and introduces an “old-school” perspective to the topics tackled on air. Catch Ba7ic Logic hold his stance and give straightforward insight, by tuning into the “Words with KB” podcast and web show.  

Instagram: @wordswithkbpodcast @thelifeofkb1 @ba7iclogic


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