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The Pink Pimp Cup

Meet Devin The Ripper on S3E2: The Pink Pimp Cup


Devin Denzel Davidson, known professionally as DEVIN THE RIPPER, is a Maryland native, born into a world of music. His father Quentin ‘Footz’ Davidson was a founder and the drummer for the well renowned Go-Go band Rare Essence.

Devin turned to music as a means to creatively and emotionally express himself after the tragic murder of his father in 1994 and later the murder of his brother in 1999.

Devin always had a love for music and Hip-Hop in particular.

While living in Los Angeles to pursue his acting career, he naturally transitioned into music; recording his first song, "Lee Mack Freestyle." Once he decided to pursue music, he wanted his sound to reflect the culture of the DMV area, making it fitting for him to move back and reside in Southeast, DC, the same place his father rose to musical prominence.

In August of 2020, Devin would release his highly anticipated debut album 'One Day It'll Make Cents' with lead singles '10 Toes Down' and 'Hustle SZN'. Devin has a way of using his hard hitting delivery and vivid storytelling to charm listeners, which has led to him being recognized as one of the DMV's most lyrically-inclined. His musical influences include Rare Essence, Nas, Backyard Band, Nipsey Hussle and 2Pac.

Instagram: @devintheripper_

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