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The Plastics

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Meet Troy Parish on S2E2: The Plastics


Songwriter, Troy Shaundell Parish born on August 22,1988 from Gates, Tennessee a small town 65 miles outside of Memphis, TN with the population of 600 people. Troy was raised by his grandparents majority of his life where he learned the core values of being a man. His grandfather always made sure he was nothing less than a hardworking honesty gentleman by putting him to work in the yard ,taking care the house, and having deep conversations about the values of honesty and love.

As Troy became older around 10 he grew a liking for music and began recording every music video he saw to VHS on tv and watching them back practicing every move and trying to mimic their voices. On his 12th birthday his family bought him a karaoke radio where he could record himself to tape and listen back which sparked his very first song he has ever written "Girl Next Door". Although it was lacking the necessary components of being a worldwide hit deep down Troy knew music was his true calling.

As Troy became older the reality of him not having his biological mother and father in his life became to bother him which lead to fighting, disobedience, and soon after being kicked out of his hometown high school his 9th grade year. Being that his grandparents were physically unable to home school him or financially not in a position to afford other methods of educations Troy was sent to live with his Aunts in Memphis, TN. One of his aunts was very much into performing arts encouraged him to get into the theater and choral while attending Germantown High School to keep him out of trouble. Little did she know she was providing the foundation to Troy becoming a profound songwriter. Later throughout the later year he started taking music very seriously which lead to him getting placed in a more advanced class in choral and writing songs every day and night.

Later after high school Troy attended Nashville State where he learned the basics of engineering and the music business. Soon after he was contacted by super producer Troy Taylor in regards to owning his craft and not only doing music but understanding it, which later transitioned to an internship with Trey Songz former managers for K Michelle. After the denouement of the internship he was offered an opportunity to move to Atlanta to test his skills he learned and master new ones. He shared the house with Grammy nominated producer and other talented artist and songwriters who produced for people we now know today. There he watched and learned from artist and producers like Sammie, Seyvn Streeter, and Mark Jackson to name a few becoming a sponge in his environment.

Later the knowledge and skills Troy acquired lead to him writing records for Jacob Latimore, Mark Morrison, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Mally Moll, 2 Pistols, Wash, Sia Amun, and many more. Currently Troy is working on his debut songwriter album “LTM” vol. 1 and we are excited to see what he adds to the industry one song at a time.

Instagram: @troyparishltm


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