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The Vet and The Newbies

Meet the Founders of Bottles and Beats on S2E4: The Vet and The Newbies


Bottles & Beats LLC is an organization with a mission of hosting unique social events for small business owners as well as hosting other clients events, and enriching our community.

Who is Chelsea - Chelsea Brion Goolsby (born February 7, 1994) in Atlanta, GA, and raised on the EastSide of Decatur. She is a Licensed Esthetician, Makeup/ Brow Expert (ChelsAllure Artistry), Event Management Hosting (Bottles & Beats), and Housing Inspector for a Millionaire Property Management Company. She began her entrepreneurship in “2017” with her sister Taylor, with the hair company “Immense Hair & Beauty”. Her hustle took off since then. She enjoys her time managing her businesses, spending time with family and friends, and inspiring others to do better. Her goal is to create job opportunities in many different fields for young women and men. She has many more upcoming projects to come. Words from Chelsea “Own Your Stuff, Own Your Business”.

Instagram: @_bottlesandbeats @_bombshellbecky @chelsallure and @chelsallure_artistry

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